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Ken & Brigida Pearce

Wine Making 2007

Kenneth Pearce
Wine Maker

Here is my temporary Winemaking area in the basement. I'm working on a project to build a room with sink and granite counters. Pics Coming soon. This is my first year and I started with an Apple and Cherry Wine. The cherry was high in acid and I sweetened it quite a bit and really like the way it came out. I also have 2 batches of Concord one from hot pressed Juice and one from Grapes Brigida and I picked. I think the Concord Juice that is muck lighter I'm going to bottle dry. The Concord from grapes is much richer and a little more acid so I've added 12 oz Sugar to 6 Gal Batch.

Temporary Wine Cellar

Here is my temporary wine making setup. I'm working on a room in the basement for wine making with a sink. It's about 25% completed. I hope to have it completed for 2008 wine making.


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