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Ken & Brigida Pearce

Ken & Brigida's Web Site 

Welcome To our website. It is still under construction. There is lots of stuff going on.

Whatzz'Up !!!

Rickenbacker Restoration

I'm working on Restoring Brigida's 1964 Model 315 Rickenbacker. Check out the pictures and details. Getting it restrung this weekend!

1970 Corvette Convertible Restoration

Still working on the Corvette restoration, the suspension is complete! The interior is almost done. A couple of electrical things and I'll pass inspection. Then we can go cruising! Check Out our Corvette Page for pictures & details.

Wine Making 2007

Almost all the wine is in the bottle. We had a real good year. Check out the details.

Woodworking Projects

Summers here and I probably wont get much time in the Wood Shop. I hope I can finish the candle center piece before I start outside.

House & Yard Projects

This years big project is to build a shed in the back yard. and some more landscaping.