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Ken & Brigida Pearce

2008 Wines

This is my first attempt at wine making. I took Jan Klapetzky's Wine Making 101,102,103 at the New York Wine & Culinary Center. Great Course, got to tast several wines. Highly recommend course. Jan being a retired Kodak Chemist prepared me technically for making my first wine. But I found that acid titration took a little practice. My first years wine seems to have come out very well despite a few learnings.

The Wines

  • Sour Cherry
    Frozen Sour Cherries form KM Davies
    My first wine, took a little time to get acid titration down and as a result my wound up adding too much tartaric acid to my must and this wine wound up at about acid of 8. When I finished the wine I brought the sugar up to about 11 brix and everyone seems to love this one.
  • Apple Wine
    Apple Juice from Herman's in Webster
    My second wine also a little high in acid but not as much as the cherry. Really difficult to clear but patience paid off and it cleared up nice. I brought this up to 8 brix Finished out nice
  • Concord Juice
    Concord Juice from
    This is from hot pressed Concord Juice. It has a much lighter taste that the Concord fermented on the skins. I was amazed in the difference in these wines.
  • Concord Grapes
    Concord Grapes fermented on the Skins
    We picked about 100 lbs of grapes for this one. made 6 gallons and had lots left over for pies. Much richer and heaver taste and naturally on the sweet side. I really like this one. When I bottle i'm going to take off a 1/2 gal and age with oak to see how it comes out.