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Ontario NY 14519
Ken & Brigida Pearce

1964 Rickenbacker

I'm in the progress of restoring Brigida's 1964 Rickenbacker electric guitar. It is a 1964 Model 315 Fireglo. It is in pretty good shape with a few marks on the paint and a missing upper pick guard.

Restoration Plans

  • Clean & Polish All Chrome
  • Clean & Polish Body
  • Re Dress Frets
  • Re String

Check Out Crazy Horse Music - The Guys at Crazy Horse were great helping me decide how to restore my RIC without loosing any value by doing too much. There Techs did great work Re-Dressing the frets and restringing it for me.

Picked up  a mint Fender Blues JR at Guitar Center. Haven't decided if Ill do any of the MODS

Found a Nice Jerry Garcia Strap on eBay

Found a great GEPCO XB20UB LOW CAPACITANCE CABLE with Neuik silent plugs on eBay

Restoration Photos