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Ken & Brigida's Web Site 

Welcome To our website. It is still under construction. There is lots of stuff going on. Check out some of our current projects.

1964 Rickenbacker Restoration

I started restoring Brigida's Rickenbacker last month. I want to keep it original and leave the character. Mostly cleaning, waxing and polishing chrome. I want to learn to play it so I'm ordering a new bridge. I'm saving all the old parts. I picked up a nice Fender Blues JR for it. Seems the RICS are usually paired with VOX's but I liked the sound of the Blues JR better. Hopefully the bridge will come in early next week. The guys over at Crazy Horse are going to check out redressing the frets and stringing it up for me. Check it out on our RIC page for pictures & details.

1970 Corvette Convertible Restoration

  • The interior is almost done. I have a couple of lights to fix before I can get it inspected, then we can go cruising.
  • The big plans for this year are to get the engine dialed in.
  • Check Out our Corvette Page for pictures & details.

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